US Open Golf

us open golf

The US Open is a national championship golf game that is held annually. This game is part of the PGA Tour as well as the European tour. This match is 4 rounds on the 18-hole course and the winner is the golfer with the lowest number of strokes. This is part of the United States Golf Association and is the second highest paying of the four championship games in the PGA Tours. To reach this game in honor in the world of gold.

History of the US Open

The first US Open was held in 1895 and was played at the Newport Country Club located in Newport, Rhode Island. The competition was 36 holes and was completed in one day. Horace Rawlins from England won this first event. Most of the players were British. The first American to win this event was John J. McDermott and he won in 1911. At this time this event was one of the four major tournaments. This is one of the main tournaments that a golfer can win.

Since this time the event was won mostly by players that were born in the United States. From 2004 to 2007 all of the winners were not from the United States. There have been winners from different parts of Europe, South Africa, and Ireland.

To win the US open the winner is usually under par or is around par. This course is challenging even for the professionals. The course is usually rather long and the holes are on rough land. The greens are challenging and the fairways are even difficult. There are only a few holes that are under par five while the majority of the holes are at a par four. Players need to have a long game and their shots need to be accurate. The courses are changing and developed and players do not have the chance to get used to them. The area surrounding the case is always breathtaking and will be attractive to the players and the viewers.


In order to play in the US Open, a player must be a professional golfer or an amateur. They cannot have a handicap that is above 1.4. Players must complete a qualifying round successfully. There is a total of 156 players that can participate in the U.S Open. This contest is open to both male and female golfers. There are some players that can get into the game without qualifying. There are some exemptions and these conditions need to be met. A player will not have to meet the qualifications in order to play in the U.S Open. They include:

Winning the U.S Open in the past 10 years

The winner and the runner up of the U.S Amateur and the Junior Amateur competitions will have a spot

Winners of the Masters, the Open Championship or the PGA champions from the past 5 years

The top-ranked amateur golfer in the world

The winners of the past three Players Champions

Winner of the BMW Players Championship

The winner of the Senior open

The gold winner of golf in the Olympics

The top 10 golfers from the previous U.S open

Players that made the Tour Championship

The top 60 players in the world

Those that have been selected by the USGA

There are some competitors that need to play 18 holes in more than 100 courses and the leading players from this stage go on to the second stage. They need to have played 36 holes in one day. There is no age limit for this event. The younger player ever was a 14-year-old from China and he played in 2012.

USGA Special Exemptions

There are some special exemptions that have been granted to players. There have been 34 players and exemptions have occurred 52 times since 1966. Some of the notable players including Arnold Palmer, Hale Irwin, and Jack Nicklaus. Irwin went on to win 1990 Open after exemption. In 2018 an exemption was made or Jim Furyk and Ernie Els who were former champions.


In 2017, the largest prize for winning the U.S Open was $12 million. The winner got to see $2.16 million from that total amount. The golfer that wins this event will get the acknowledgment and their career will get a boost. The winner will be invited to play in the Masters, the Open Championship, and the PGA Championship for the next 5 years. They will also get to participate in the Players Championship for the next 5 years. They do not have to worry about the qualifications for the U.S Open for the next 10 years. They will receive an invitation to three out of the 5 majors once they reach the age of 50. There are also some other changes such as promotions from major companies and appearances at popular events. The winner can become a media star.

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Playoff Format

Until 2017, the U.S Open had an 18-hole playoff that took place on a Monday. If there was a tie after the fifth round of this event, the player will participate in a sudden death match. This will take place on the 91st hole. This has happened three times in the history of this event. Reverently, Tiger Woods defeated Rocco Mediate in the playoffs in 2008. Before the sudden death in 1955, the players had to play an additional 18 round game of golf until the tie was broken. In 1931 after the first game of golf, a second game consisting of 36 holes was required.

In 2018 it was determined that a two-hole playoff format would take place for the players. Fans will be invited to this event as well as the media. The sudden death will continue of the game will end in a tie between players. There can only be one winner of the U.S Open that will go on to take the glory and make the winner’s list with the greats such as Jack Nicklaus and Bobby Jones.

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