US Open Golf Tickets 2018 – Price, how to buy online

The US Open Golf Tickets for 2018 will allow a person to have access to this golfing championship game. A person can purchase these tickets over the internet or as part of the Shinnecock Hill Golf Club Week Pass.

2018 US Open Golf Tickets Price

There are different ticket packages for the US Open and most are reasonably priced. The lowest ticket is $60 and this includes access to the Shinnecock Golf Course. This is the general admission ticket and a person will have the chance to see some of the game. This ticket includes general parking.

The Top of the Hill Package is very popular. This package will cost a person $80 but they will be getting closer to the greens. They will be allowed in the open air tends that have seating arranged. This package also includes parking. . The Trophy Club will cost a person 10 extra dollars but with this package they will be able to be close to the fourth as well as the sixth holes. They will be able to see the golfers live as they take their shots.

How to buy US Open Golf Tickets 2018

There are lots of way to buy US Open Golf Tickets 2018, here are some websits you cn vesit,,,, and lots you known that very much.

The most expensive ticket is priced at $1,270. While this ticket is more expensive a person will have more access to the action and will be within reaching distance of the golfers during the final part of the game. A person will be able to stay at the club hotel and they will get breakfast in the morning. A shuttle from the hotel will take them to the green. This is really an unforgettable experience for golf fans.

All of the tickets for the US Open can be purchased on the internet. A person can select the package they need as well as the number of people in their party. These tickets will allow a person to see all of the golfing fun live as it is happening.

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