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The US Open national golf championship is the anual United States Open Championship, generally known as the U.S. Open 2nd major championships in golf. Watch all the action at Golf Channel: US golf live stream, The iconic Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, New York is the location where all the action will be. You need to know more about US Open Golf Tournaments FAQ. Here you will find the most popular U.S. Open FAQs below:

-When is the US Open Golf tournaments?

The final round is played on the third Sunday, which is Father’s Day, if there are no weather delays.

-Where is the US Open golf 2018 held?
Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, New York.

-US Open golf 2018 start time and date?
Officially, the US Open 2018 start time on Thursday June 14 and ends after four rounds of 18 holes on Sunday June 17. The first players kicked off at 8.30am ET (5.30am PT, 1.30pm BST, 2.30pm CET) on Thursday.

Falling under the category of four golf majors, U.S. Open Golf Tournament is run by the United States Golf Association. The history of the game dates back to 1895 and the dates for this year are June 14-17, 2018. There are many questions, which can arise in the mind of a person about this tournament; the answers to these are as follows:

-Where is the US Golf Open in 2018 and 2019?

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club (2018) New York, Pebble Beach Golf Links (2019) California, Winged Foot Golf Club, West Course, Torrey Pines Golf Course, South Course, The Country Club, Composite Course, Los Angeles Country Club, Pinehurst Resort, Course No. 2, Oakmont Country Club.

-Getting Tickets

It is easier to attain tickets for the US open and these are available from USGA and if plans to become a member of USGA member, the ticket is a guarantee. These tickets are also available from the reputable ticket brokers.

-Qualifying for US Open

There are certain criteria in order to qualify for the US Open. For example, a person who is a professional golf player can enter the tournament and 1.4 or lower handicap index for USGA men is must for the amateur golfer.

-Determining the US Open pairings

USGA officials determine the US open pairings. The groupings achieve a manual settlement in a single meeting; there is also a discussion of options in this meeting.

-US Open Cut

According to the US Open golf tournament’s cut rule, there are around four rounds. The cut of the field is one, golfers in the top 60 make the cut and continue to play in the final two rounds, and the golfers who are outside top 60 do not make it to the final two rounds.

-Playoff Format

Currently, the aggregate score playoffs involve two holes; previously it was 18 holes, which is recently switched by USGA in 2018. Over the years, there have been changes in the US Playoff Format.

-Scoring Records

The US Open scoring records the record progression along with the 72 holes, 18 holes, and 9 holes.

-Youngest US Open Golf Champions

The youngest champions of the US Open Golf tournament include:

Johnny McDermott who was 19 when he won in 1911, Francis Ouimet was 20 in 1913, Gene Sarazen was 20 in 1922, Johnny McDermott was 20 in 1912, Horace Rawlins was 21 in 1895, Bobby Jones was 21 in 1923, Walter Hagen was 21 in 1914, Willie Anderson was 21 in 1901, and Jordan Spieth was 21 in 2015.

-Most Common Courses Host

The most common courses host for the U.S. Open golf tournament is Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pennsylvania.

– First US Open Golf Tournament

The first US Open Golf Tournament was played in 1895 at 9-hole Newport Golf and Country Club in Newport, R.I. The first U.S. Open champion was Horace Rawlins.

-First Native-Born American Winner

The First Native-Born American Winner for the US Golf Open Tournament was Johnny McDermott in 1911.

-Amateur Winners

Francis Ouimet was the first amateur to win US Open Golf in 1913. Jerome Travers was the amateur winner in 1915, Chick Evans was the amateur winner in 1916 and Bobby Jones was the amateur winner in 923, 1926, 1929 and 1930. Johnny Goodman was the last US Open Golf amateur winner in 1933.

-18-Hole Scoring Record

Five golfers who are noticeable in sharing the record and include Justin Thomas in 2017, Vijay Singh in 2003, Jack Nicklaus in 1980, Tom Weiskopf in 1980, and Johnny Miller in 1973.

-Amazing Records

Ben Hogan’s has the most amazing record in the US Open Golf Tournament. He was also involved in two playoffs of the US Open Golf Tournament of which he had won while the other was a loss. Ben Hogan defeated Lloyd Mangrum and George Fazio in 1950. However, in 1955 Jack Fleck defeated him. The score initially was amazing in 1955 game and people were of the view that Hogan is the winner, however; Jack Fleck was able to defeat him despite the fact that people were congratulating Hogan in advance for becoming the first 5-time champion.

-US Open Trophy

There is no specific name for the US Open Trophy, however; it is called the U.S. Open Championship Trophy. The height of the trophy is 18 inches whereas in diameter it is 6 inches. The U.S. Open Championship trophy weighs only 8.5 pounds.

-US Open Aces

The US Open Aces have been 44 and date back to 1895. Jack Hobens was the very first to make the US Open Ace.

-Local and Sectional Qualifier

Michael Campbell in 2005 was the sectional qualifier who has won U.S. open. Before Michael was Steve in 1996. Orville Moody in 1969 and Ken Venturi in 1964 were the local and sectional qualifier and then won the US open.

-Record for Most Wins in the US Open Golf

Four golfers are noticeable, which include:

-In 1901, 1903, 1904, 1905 was Willie Anderson

-In 1923, 1926, 1929, 1930 was Bobby Jones

-In 1948, 1950, 1951, 1953 was Ben Hogan

-In 1962, 1967, 1972, 1980 was Jack Nicklaus

-First Two-Time Winner

Willie Anderson was the first two time winner of the US Open Golf tournament. He won for the very first time in 1901 and then again in 1903.

-First 3-Time and 4-Time Winner

Again, Willie Anderson won the third time in 1904 and fourth time in 1905 in the US Open Golf tournament.

-72-Hole Scoring Record

Rory McIlroy established the 72-hole scoring record in 2011. Other noticeable players include Martin Kaymer in 2014, Jack Nicklaus in 1980, Lee Janzen in 1993, Tiger Woods in 2000, Jim Furyk in 2003, and Brooks Koepka in 2017.

-Largest Margin of Victory

Tiger Woods is the record holder for the fifteen strokes in US Open Gold 2000.

-First Televised

For the very first time, US Open Golf tournament was televised in 1947 and Lew Worsham defeated Sam Snead in that particular game. It was, however, locally televised. The US Golf Open was nationally televised for the very first time in 1954.

-Can I watch the Golf Channel on fuboTV & Roku TV?

On fuboTV & Roku TV have thousands of live sporting events that air on NBC, NBCSN and Golf Channel for free.

-Is there a Golf Channel on Sling TV?

Yes, you can.

-How to Bet on Golf!

All Bets Are On When You Bet on Golf

-Can you watch ESPN live on Apple TV?
Yes, you can.

-Can I watch NBC, NBCSN, FOX sports network and CBS Sports Network without cable provider?

The Major golf championships live show originating from the Tournament Practice Area at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club will be presented Monday through Sunday on NBC, NBCSN, FOX sports network and CBS Sports Network.

-How much is US Open Golf Tour live?

US Golf Channel service available for $5.99 per month.

-Can I watch the Golf Channel via google apps

You can go from Golf Channel Apps on Google Play.

-Double Eagle

There are only three golfers, who were able to score a double eagle in the US Golf Open tournament. These include T.C. Chen in 1985, Shaun Micheel in 2010, and Nick Watney in 2012.


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